We make the difference thanks to our highly qualified
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Computer engineers, data scientists, usability experts, sports experts, and innovators.


Davide Ragazzi
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Operating Officer
He is a computer engineer with a degree in computer engineering in Brescia. He completed his studies in 2016, obtaining a Master in Growth Hacking. With the University of Brescia he is research fellow in the field of Big Data from 2017 to today. Davide is the founder of TAB LAB since 2017 and co-founder of Kama.Sport.
Nicola Bosio
Chief Information & Technology Officer
He is a computer engineer with a degree in computer engineering in Brescia, where he currently teaches computer science and also programming fundamentals. He has been a web developer, data analyst and R&D Manager for TAB LAB from 2017 to today. Nicola is the co-founder of Kama.Sport.
Carlo Bertelli
Chief Financial & Strategy Officer
Graduated in physics in Trento, he then obtained a master's degree in finance from LUISS University, in Rome. Carlo finished his public policy studies at Harvard Kennedy School. He worked for Cassa Depositi e Prestiti as an industrial analyst. He is the President of DisUP and co-founder of Kama.Sport.
Gert Schlossmacher
Chief Market Officer
Graduated in business economics, Gert joined Allianz Group for 25 years at EULER HERMES: 12 years on Board level, becoming in 2013 the Group Head of Global Sales, in Paris. He worked also 4 years for HYPERION in London. Today he has his own Consulting Company.
Felice Antonio Martire
Head of Statistics
Master graduated in Physics at the University of Trento, Amsterdam and Padua with top grades. He joint the Institute of Astrophysics of Canarias in 2019, as research fellow in the field of Cosmic Microwave Background. Team analytics and match analysis in football is just another way to look at the Universe.
Filippo Galli
Senior Football Expert & Ambassador
Filippo Galli is a football coach, sports manager and former Italian footballer, from defender role. With Milan, in thirteen seasons, won five Italian championships, three European Cups, two Cups Intercontinental, three European Super Cups and four Italian Super Cups.
Dario Pellegrini
Head of IT
Dario Pellegrini graduated in computer engineering in Brescia in 2015, and he studied at the Imperial College in London. He work on iOS and Android development and he writes programming aimed articles and develops open source projects available on GitHub.
Marco Gusmini
Full Stack Developer
Marco graduated in computer engineering in Brescia in 2019 with a thesis on data exploration in the world of football. Works on the development of web applications with particular attention to new technologies.
Rabia Jendoubi
Head of Commercial
Rabia is a member of the Italian national karate team (kumite), and was selected for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic project. 5 times Italian Champion, in the 2018 he won the Bronze medal at the World Championships in Madrid and Bronze medal at the Mediterranean Olympic Games. Now he gives public sports psychological speeches.
Antonello Zanini
Data Scientist
Master graduated in computer engineer in Brescia with top grades. With a great talent for computer science and problem solving attitude he is an incredible data explorer. He is not satisfied with reaching the goal, but aspires to perfection.
Lorenzo Berardi
App Developer
Lorenzo graduated in computer science and telecommunications and has a strong passion for computer science. Lorenzo is a web programmer, who always tries to keep up to date with the latest news and technologies for the development of efficient content and in step with the times.
Isabel Consonni
Graduated in administrative management, enterprising and charismatic, she keeps order even when it doesn't seem possible.
Michele Pedrazzoli
Data Analyst
Data analyst at Kama.Sport. Graduated in Mathematics from the University of Trento, raised on bread and football. He is a member of the Kama. R&D group.
Lucrezia Manenti
Social Media Marketer
Lucrezia is an event organizer and social media marketer. He takes care of the management of the workplace, to coordinate the realities involved in the realization of demonstrations and Kama events. and to manage the social image of the brand.
Oscar Villarino Mallo
Senior Football Expert
Former Spanish professional football player, he has a degree in sports science. With a UEFA Pro license and a Master in Methodological Management of the Spanish Football Federation, he is currently the General Manager of LUMIOS HP Sport Services and Country Manager of Atletico de Madrid Camp in Italy, Sweden and Senegal.
Silvio Broli
Senior Football Expert
He is a football expert, he held the position of general manager of LECCO from 2002 to 2004. From 2004 to 2009 he was head of the youth sector BRESCIA CALCIO and from 2009 to 2012 he was head of AC Milan youth sector and U14 scouting. From 2012 to 2019 he was head of AC Milan international football schools.
Roberto De Zerbi
Kama.Sport built for De Zerbi's coaching staff a professional platform of analysis and exploration of data customized on them real needs.
Marco Niccolini
Kama.Sport built for Marco Niccolini a professional platform of analysis and exploration of data customized on them real needs.
Giorgio Bertoni
CEO Kama.Sport Brasil
CEO of the company established in Brazil by the KAMA Group for the development of the Kama platform and services in Brazil and South America. Giorgio is a very active entrepreneur, in fact he is founder of Giorjo Ltda, co-founder of BV KOSMETICS LTDA and ACADEMY ITALIANA. In 2018/2019 he was also Vice President of the Italian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce Reg.Nordest/Fortaleza.
Nicolò Guberti
Head of Partnership
Graduated in International Economics and Finance at Bocconi, he then obtained the specialization in Innovation and New Technologies Management. He previously worked at AC Chievo Verona.
Emanuele Ricci
Art Director
Emanuele Ricci is a Designer and Art Director specialized in Logo Design, Typography and Lettering. He’s working with brands like
Fox, Thefutur, Blind, The American Meme, Rapha, Hanson Robotics etc. In a world where there’s a digital tool for almost everything, he believes Brands need to start embracing their human side again.
Luigi Busà
The Italian Karate legend Luigi Busà is an ambassador of Kama.Sport. Multi-world champion and first olympic gold medal in Karate history. He participated in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics by dressing Kama.
Angelo Crescenzo
Angelo Crescenzo is an ambassador of Kama.Sport. Angelo is Karate world champion and will participate in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics by sponsoring Kama.
Sara Cardin
Sara Cardin is an ambassador of Kama.Sport. Sara is Karate world champion and will participate in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics by sponsoring Kama.
The Hi.Trech sports tracker of T4F is a system for real-time analysis of sports performance. Kama collaborates with T4F for the realization of the software for the localization and control systems based on the Ultra Wide Band (Ultra WideBand - UWB).
Sajad Ganjzadeh
The legend of Iranian karate Sajad is an ambassador of Kama.Sport. The multi-world champion of Karate will also participate in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics by dressing Kama.
Panoris is a smart camera company developed for the football industry professional. The use of Artificial Intelligence tools allows Panoris to have a complete data tracking and recovery service. Cameras are offered mainly in the fixed version. Panoris and Kama. they are developing a together mobile camera service, at a lower price to be sold to more audiences broad, making video services more scalable. Kama.Sport is currently a supplement, technological and commercial partner.
VEO offers smart and portable cameras. Kama is a commercial and development partner with VEO aims to make films with artificial intelligence systems increasingly accessible.
Kama collaborates with DMTC for the creation of image services for professional athletes of all sports. Let's describe together a new way of digital image of influential sports personalities.
Since 1995 SICS has been working closely with the most important national sports realities and international. Partner of the Italian national football team SICS is a leader in video systems analysis. Kama.Sport is currently a technology partner and integrator of SICS.
Dante Labs
Dante Labs allows you to sequence the human genome at commercial prices. Dante Labs' objective offers a complete analysis service also on the profile of sportsmen. Kama.Sport is currently a supplement and developer of an innovative data system that allows the comparison of genetic data with physical and technical tactical data of sports performance.
InStat is a sports performance analysis company, which provides tools professionals for individual and team performance assessment, scouting, fitness analysis and panoramic shooting technology. The company was founded in Moscow, Russia in 2007, and has international market coverage. InStat is currently data provider for Kama.Sport.
LUMIOS is a campus program and moments of football and multi-sports training. Kama and LUMIOS work together to build high-level campuses. Campuses are moments of high football training for young players and staff from all over the world. LUMIOS is the exclusive partner of Atletico Madrid for Italian and foreign campuses.
Spiideo delivers astonishingly simple, powerful, and innovative solutions to the global sports community that shape the future of sports video production, analysis, and consumption. With flexible camera systems for both indoor and outdoor sports, Spiideo cameras feature automatic recording, auto-follow, and virtual panorama technology. By living in Spiideo, sports organizations are able to eliminate manual recording processes, analyze the performance in a single platform, share footage from the cloud, and earn revenue through streaming.
Pixellot is revolutionizing the sports broadcast world with its pioneering AI-automated video production solutions.
Starbridge was born from the union of professionals with different paths, linked by a common goal: to improve the quality of services thanks to a team with multiple and complementary skills.
Accademia dello Sport
Accademia dello Sport collaborates with sports bodies, universities and companies of the most important Italian and foreign leagues, with the aim of training new highly specialized professionals.
Panini Digital
Panini Digital was born in the early nineties as a Digital Soccer Project thanks based on the intuition of Mircea Lucescu, the Brescia coach at the time. In an era where the IT support combined with the world of sport was almost completely absent, Lucescu had the great merit of thinking, asking for and obtaining the first rudimentary ones tools dedicated to the statistical analysis of a football match. Kama.Sport is currently technological partner and integrator of Panini Digital.
Born in 2016, and part of the PoliHub network. Math & Sport is the fruit of the intuition of the mathematician Alfio Quarteroni and of the engineer Ottavio Crivaro, who, after gaining a great deal of experience in the application of mathematical models in the industrial field, have decided to face the challenge of professional sport.
Thanks to its Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning/Deep Learning algorithms, Astar is revolutionizing the Sport Industry defining new standards for athletes/managers/clubs/leagues in injuries risk reduction, performance analysis and in defining new sport rules.
Brescia Calcio Academy
Kama.Sport for the youth sector of Brescia Calcio makes a management software available technical and administrative to digitize all internal procedures of the club and management of affiliated companies throughout Italy. The technical management will communicate with smart cameras, gps sensors and medical and psychological data management apps.
Hellas Verona
Kama.Sport built for Jurić's coaching staff (first team coach) a professional platform of analysis and exploration of data customized on them real needs.
ACD Ospitaletto
A.C.D. Ospitaletto, founded in 1923, plays in the F.I.G.C. In the past he played in Serie C1. Kama.Sport is a partner of Ospitaletto, thanks to which he plans the digital future of non-professional football.
Alessandria Calcio
Kama.Sport for the youth sector of Alexandria football has built a professional platform of analysis and exploration of data customized on their real needs.